the scene:  the three of us sitting at the kitchen bar;  there are coffee mugs on the counter, jon is working on some leather armor pieces, jasper and i are chit-chatting with each other…

me:   “jaspy, you wanna go get your ears pierced?”

jasper:  “sure, right now?  today?  can i pick out my earrings?”

a mildly surprised me:  “yeah, i guess.  do you want to do it today?”

jasper:  “yes!  i’ll  get my go clothes on!  let’s do it!”

jon:  “wait.  right now?”

me:  “apparently.  i guess we had better go get our go clothes on too!”

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the before shot:  she has picked out her earrings (her birthstone, peridot) out and she is happy and eager!

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not quite so eager right now; she is getting a little nervous…

also she has a death grip on my hand.

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the after shot:   one earlobe down.

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and two earlobes successfully pierced.

she was not happy until the blue lollipop came into play…  amazing what power lollipops have for kiddos.

after she was done crying (she made it short but dramatic, the girl did), she declared, “mama, i need to tell you something.  i sure am glad that i don’t ever have to pierce my ears again ‘cuz that was the last time i want to do that!”