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Dad’s Day…

jasper’s school had a Bring Your Dad To Lunch Day last week and even though jon drops by to eat lunch with jasper often enough – on this day, it was even better!

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pretty excited about that sandwich, i see!

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that’s better…

that’s her daisy (girl scout) vest thingey, by the way – they wear them to school on the days that they have girl scout stuffage to do.

happy birthday, daddy!

we all had a wonderful weekend here!  jasper was able to spend the 3 day weekend with her neena and we were able to go out each night and be non-parental!  girls night (sorry, jon) and date night all wrapped into one weekend – nice!

but what was even better than that?

jasper coming home…  and then she and i assembled the jon-requested cake together while licking the spoon way too many times…

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jon asked for a “triple layer, baked-from-scratch yellow cake with ganache frosting”...

seriously.  i guess he decided not to make it too easy on me 🙂

he got 4 layers instead but he wasn’t complaining!

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besides his cake, he had a very exuberant girl singing the happy birthday song to “the birthday daddy”!

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jon gets ready for the Big Blowout.

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and he does it!  although by the time i finished taking pictures, there was some serious candle wax puddling on top of the cake!

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mama, don’t make my piece too small!  i’m 6 years old now!” followed by “i bet there are 5500 calories in this cake!”

you ain’t kidding.

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yeah, those are calories we are looking at…
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arnetta, i wanted you to see what the cake was in – remember this?

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happy birthday, jon!

may there be slobbery kisses, tickle fights and some sweet lovin’ in your near future…

the goat, the girl and the chihuahua…

jasper had friday off from school this week so she got to head to neena’s for a long weekend and we got to be kiddo-free!

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while jasper was at mom’s, she visited one of her favorite people (suzanne, who jasper calls, “zuzanne”) who owns a small farm and has a goat named nannie mae and a chihuahua named little bit.

jasper was in heaven!

thanks, mom for taking such good care of jaspy and letting us have a jon-birthday weekend all to ourselves!

when the mom isn’t home…

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the daddy lets the girl chop celery!

with a really sharp knife.


miss wormy…

when jasper lilith wants to pretend to be a worm, what does she do?

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she finds a pillowcase, climbs right into it…

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hops around for a brief stint of being a bunny and then…

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she crawls head first into the pillow case and wiggles around on the floor for a surprisingly long amount of time…

well, i guess it was only a matter of time before she pretended to be something other than a mammal.

the rock.

after we get our fill of the sun, the water and the beach, well, then it’s hiking time again!

so the kiddos get back into their clothes and off we go to hit some more trails!

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wow, the girl sees a camera and breaks out the poses!

(sorry about all the branches in duncan’s face!  i was in a weird spot and i was intent on catching jaz while she was happily cheesing it up…)

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“your turn, mama!  come up here and take a picture with me!”

done and doner.

the water factor…

lake mineral wells has, well, a lake – go figure, right?

it also has a well-maintained sandy beach area that makes for a good swim spot…

so after we hiked for several miles, we ate lunch and then headed down to the beach.

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ah, food!  we love food…  and food tastes better when eating outside…  it’s a proven fact.

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“mama, i think i need to get my swimsuit on!”

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“i better take my kitty ears off so they don’t get wet!”

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so jasper gets into her swimsuit and goes off to swim around…

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while jon, david and duncan go fish…

heather and i hang out on the beach or wade around in the water and chit chat away while jasper swims around…  she gets a little bored after awhile and luckily, it isn’t too long before the guys come back and duncan joins jasper in the water…

heather and i liked that because it means that we can go back to talking away while the kiddos play in the water 🙂

p.s.  i totally got a sunburn on my bare shoulders standing out in the shallow water under the beautiful sky with the nice breeze…

p.s.s.  i also discovered noxema on sunburns feels really good (thanks, heather, for that info!)…

mineral wells hike…

the ambrose family and the hyams family try to do outings as much as our varying schedules allow…

most of the time, it’s local parks, cookouts or family bike rides/runs but sometimes we manage a full day away!

this time, we pulled off a lake mineral wells state park expedition

we loaded up our coolers with picnic foods, packed the kiddos swim gear and laced up our hiking boots…

it was a gorgeous day – started out cool and never got over low 90’s, i think.

in fact, i woke up early to get a run in before we left and it was only 55 degrees when i ran!!!  i was stoked!

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jasper climbs up a rock and strikes a pose!

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and then it was duncan’s turn to strike a pose 🙂

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jaz makes sure her kitty ears are on before clamoring around the rocks some more.

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the guys, the boy and the girl go exploring while heather and i gossip away 🙂

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jon’s the last one to come back through the crevice so now it’s time for us to get busy hiking!

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off we go…

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heading down to hit some trails…

a flashy leotard and a superhero cape…

another package in the mail!!  and then another!!

gosh, i think i love when jaz gets a package almost as much as she does – well, almost…

jaz does love it alot 🙂

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her neena knows how much jasper loves to wear leotards so she and jasper picked one out online while mom was down for the birthday party…

and it finally arrived!

she loved it, mom loved it and she pretty much has worn it every day since…

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with the recent addition of this superhero cape that her aunt susan made her!

when the latest package in the mail came in, i couldn’t wait for jasper to open it because i knew how much she would get a kick out of it!

it’s this awesome pink crushed velvet on one side, purple satin on the other side cape and let me t

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so not the first day of school but…

i think that technically this was her 2nd or 3rd day of school but i figure that since it falls within the 1st week of school it counts, right?


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jasper wanted to wear the outfit her gram got her and, of course, i had to take a picture so arnetta could see it.

new outfit, new backpack, new teacher, 1st week of school and a happy smile – i would say she is good to go for the day!