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a flashy leotard and a superhero cape…

another package in the mail!!  and then another!!

gosh, i think i love when jaz gets a package almost as much as she does – well, almost…

jaz does love it alot 🙂

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her neena knows how much jasper loves to wear leotards so she and jasper picked one out online while mom was down for the birthday party…

and it finally arrived!

she loved it, mom loved it and she pretty much has worn it every day since…

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with the recent addition of this superhero cape that her aunt susan made her!

when the latest package in the mail came in, i couldn’t wait for jasper to open it because i knew how much she would get a kick out of it!

it’s this awesome pink crushed velvet on one side, purple satin on the other side cape and let me t

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so not the first day of school but…

i think that technically this was her 2nd or 3rd day of school but i figure that since it falls within the 1st week of school it counts, right?


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jasper wanted to wear the outfit her gram got her and, of course, i had to take a picture so arnetta could see it.

new outfit, new backpack, new teacher, 1st week of school and a happy smile – i would say she is good to go for the day!

packages in the mail, hooray!

don’t you just love packages in the mail?  especially when you know they are for your birthday?

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well, jasper is no exception!

“are those for me??!!  for my birthday??!!”

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she got some bday packages from her gram and her favorite friend, deborah!

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dresses, earrings, neat outfits, oh my!

thanks you two – jaz loves when you guys get together and pick stuff out for her!

more sweet surprises on her birthday 🙂

it’s your birthday!

her actual birthday, i mean!

she turned 6 years old and started 1st grade all on the same day!

and luckily, she loved that combination 🙂

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the perfect left over cake with 6 little candles…

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6.  candles.  whoa.

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jon and i got her a fish tank for the bday and while we gave her the tank at her party, we didn’t go pick out fish until monday (on her bday proper).

so hello, new fish tank with three little fish!

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jasper does like to keep her bday cards out where she can see them 🙂

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happy 6th birthday, jasper lilith hyams!

let’s open presents!

eventually, everyone had completely saturated their tummies with cake and ice cream and then?

it was time for presents!  as i start to gather everyone over to the present table, jasper climbs up on the stone wall and…

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throws her arms wide with a happy holler of, “everyone?  it’s time to open presents now!  come this way!”

(i totally made her stand there after she did that so i could get a picture!)

it’s good to have a cute and dramatic way to get every one’s attention!

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and then the opening of the presents began!

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this girl!  so dramatic!

“a koala bear!  i love it!  it’s the best koala ever!”

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yeah, that’s right – zebra striped wrapping paper.

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gram, do you recognize this present?  it’s when she opened her dream lite!

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these pictures are completely fuzzed but i kept them so you could see her body language!

and just in case there is any doubt, she was also shouting with glee!

(she told me later that night, “the commercials were surely right! it really does turn my ceiling into a starry  night sky!”)

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there were more presents, of course but she didn’t want to let the dream lite go for a while 🙂

it was a good party!  the weather was good (it was windy but that kept mosquitoes at a low), the clean up was a breeze, the playground was a hit and we parents enjoyed the hanging out after all the kids hit the playground.

afterward, i was so pleased with how it went with all the kids and parents that i told jon, “i don’t ever want to have a birthday party at our house again!”

(i got a little eye roll with that proclamation, no lie…)

so who knows where we will be next year!

a birthday cake for an almost 6 year old!

we had our first kid-heavy birthday party ever!

normally, jasper lilith’s bday party is a gathering of friends and family at our house but this time, jasper and jon had a LIST of kiddos and moms to invite!

at the point i realized exactly how many kiddos there were going to be there, i started looking for somewhere besides our house to have the party.

and i finally hit upon an evening party at one of our favorite parks (with the Awesome Playground) and man, oh, man, am i glad i did!

there were plenty of kids, plenty of parents, plenty of siblings and luckily, plenty of cake!

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we always match the cake to the invitations and this year was no exception…

(the cake tasted way better than the face of the fairy looked, ha!)

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all the kiddos gathered for the lighting of the candles.

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always fun to watch the girl blow her candles out so vigorously!
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and now the cutting of the cake!

(here is when the parents start to circle as well!)

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everybody is getting down to the business of eating cake and ice cream…

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still eating that cake and ice cream!  so good…

goodbye, mocker.

we had a good almost 15 years,  mocker.

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happy dog dreams.