natchitoches has a green market on the weekends that we love the wander through when we are down there – even when it’s so hot that sweat is rolling down your back.

that’s pretty hot but…

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not too hot for Full Tiger Face!

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the downtown area has recently set up a beautiful fountain area with greenery, water and cool little hang out spots – would be perfect in the evenings with the breeze coming off the river!

hi, deborah!!!

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and when all else fails, we take jasper to the park!  she can run, play, sweat and sleep well that night!

it’s also to help prevent her from, “becoming a couch potato, mama!”

damn straight.

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away she goes!

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that would be a daddy-size spoonful of ice cream there.

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jasper, gram and jon – don’t they look hot?

(i mean actually hot, like temperature-hot, like sweaty mcsweatersen hot!).

it was a good visit 🙂