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happy birthday, daddy!

we all had a wonderful weekend here!  jasper was able to spend the 3 day weekend with her neena and we were able to go out each night and be non-parental!  girls night (sorry, jon) and date night all wrapped into one weekend – nice!

but what was even better than that?

jasper coming home…  and then she and i assembled the jon-requested cake together while licking the spoon way too many times…

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jon asked for a “triple layer, baked-from-scratch yellow cake with ganache frosting”...

seriously.  i guess he decided not to make it too easy on me 🙂

he got 4 layers instead but he wasn’t complaining!

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besides his cake, he had a very exuberant girl singing the happy birthday song to “the birthday daddy”!

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jon gets ready for the Big Blowout.

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and he does it!  although by the time i finished taking pictures, there was some serious candle wax puddling on top of the cake!

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mama, don’t make my piece too small!  i’m 6 years old now!” followed by “i bet there are 5500 calories in this cake!”

you ain’t kidding.

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yeah, those are calories we are looking at…
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arnetta, i wanted you to see what the cake was in – remember this?

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happy birthday, jon!

may there be slobbery kisses, tickle fights and some sweet lovin’ in your near future…


the goat, the girl and the chihuahua…

jasper had friday off from school this week so she got to head to neena’s for a long weekend and we got to be kiddo-free!

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while jasper was at mom’s, she visited one of her favorite people (suzanne, who jasper calls, “zuzanne”) who owns a small farm and has a goat named nannie mae and a chihuahua named little bit.

jasper was in heaven!

thanks, mom for taking such good care of jaspy and letting us have a jon-birthday weekend all to ourselves!

when the mom isn’t home…

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the daddy lets the girl chop celery!

with a really sharp knife.


miss wormy…

when jasper lilith wants to pretend to be a worm, what does she do?

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she finds a pillowcase, climbs right into it…

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hops around for a brief stint of being a bunny and then…

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she crawls head first into the pillow case and wiggles around on the floor for a surprisingly long amount of time…

well, i guess it was only a matter of time before she pretended to be something other than a mammal.