dad came into to visit us a couple of weekends ago and he brought jasper lilith her birthday present…  of course, she loved getting another present and it was extra special because it was a surprise 🙂

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they were a beautiful set of peridot (her birth stone) and gold studs – a little too nice to wear right now but it won’t be long before she is old enough to wear them…  in fact, it will not be long enough if you ask me; the girl grows so quickly…

we were all more excited about the pretty studs than she was (kids don’t always get the When You Get Older Present) but she was appreciative and took great joy in placing them ever so carefully in her jewelry box 🙂

thanks, pawpaw and mimi!!!

(ps.  if you ever see me wearing them, don’t worry…  i asked her first…  just sayin’…)