what’s the first day of camping without an official First Hike Out?

after hanging out at the camp for a bit and getting it “just perfect”, we went out to explore the surrounding hillsides.

jon was planning on doing some hunting (squirrel and hog)  so we were hiking and getting the lay of the land at the same time…  it was a bit warm but not too bad.  i did forget sunscreen for everyone though…  again.

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and we are off!

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let me tell you something:  i don’t know if this is a Jasper Thing or a Kid Thing but we don’t go anywhere without jaz (and myself) ending up with pockets and hands full of Stuff…  rocks, flowers, nuts, you name it; if she thinks its neat, cool or pretty, she wants to cart it home with us.

most of the time, i am pretty good about limiting her to how much she can bring home with her but this time, i don’t know…  it was hard…  i mean, they were really cool flint rocks!

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by the time we were heading back down the mountain, my hands were full, pawpaw’s hands were full, jaspers hands were full and jons?  you guessed it – full!

pretty flowers and flint turn out to be hard to say no to…  especially when she is willing to haul the rocks herself!

and yes, she is totally wearing a set of kitty ears.  really, are you surprised?

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how do you know a campsite has a 6 year old girl in residence?  flowers in water bottles are everywhere!

hey, they brighten up the place if you ask me 🙂

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not just flowers everywhere but piles of rocks as well…  and again, i kind of love it.

after all, if i am honest with myself?  if she hadn’t collected and gathered the rocks?  i probably would have…