dad was in mountain home (down in hill country past fredericksburg) to visit family friends…  we love to camp down there and it was an opportunity to see dad again, introduce our jasper to her uncle joe and aunt connie and get our camp on!

it’s so pretty down there – i love camping out there and wish we did it more often (bit of a drive for a weekend lark, is the problem)…

jon and i stayed up way too late on friday packing and loading, woke up way too early on saturday to drive down there and yep, it was totally worth it!

i knew it would be…

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we camped out by the creek under scrub oaks – it ended up being a particularly good site once the storm hit that night…

the low trees protected us from the worst of the rain…

(although i still had to construct a towel dam to prevent my sleeping bag from getting wet!

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it didn’t take long for jasper and pawpaw to find something to do while jon and i set up camp!

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she rode the branch while pawpaw pushed it up and down!

there was lots of “yee-haw“ing and rodeo moves, i assure you.

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campsite is set up, fire ring is done; now it’s hang out time…

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a pile of blankets and sleeping bags and pillows?  made for a girl playing kitty!

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the kitty is getting territorial…  or so i was told.

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luckily, pawpaw was always willing to toss the girl up in the air and make that branch move!

i’m sure he got tired of doing it but he did it every time jasper asked…

(thanks, dad!)

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there we are:  our little temporary home away from home.  it’s always interesting to me to see how quickly our campsites become Our Campsite.

water, fire, trees, stars, family, toilet paper and marshmallows – i’d say we covered all the bases 🙂