after a long day (a 5 hour drive, setting up camp, hiking, visiting with joe and connie), we end the day with a birthday party and a campfire.

those are both equal on the awesome scale, i think!

joe and connie cooked a big meal, dad got a italian cream cake (surprisingly good!  the frosting met with my approval.) and i had a birthday party – on my actual birthday!  i can’t remember the last time that happened!

another thanks to dad for being there, getting it all together and let’s not forget my gift (it was a good one; a heartwarming combo of shiny and beautiful with sentimental and familial connections).

it was a good day.

after the dinner and good company, we headed back to the campsite to hang out around the fire.

and eat marshmallows (because although there was already cake, there has to be marshmallows around a camp fire too) while we chit-chatted and enjoyed being there together.

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fire.  pretty.

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roasted, toasted and in my case, burnt-to-a-crisp marshmallows.  good.

(jon calls those shorts my Saggy Butt Cutoffs…  it wasn’t until i saw this picture that i fully appreciated why he calls them that…  still going to wear them though.)

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hello, Our Campsite!  (i kinda miss you…)