it wasn’t too much later after camping and PawPaw Time that jaz received a package in the mail…  and we know how much she loves those!

what was in the package?

sequined kitty ears from her pawpaw and mimi!

seems as if dad noticed how much jaz likes the kitty ears headbands 🙂

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soooooo two things going on here:

1)  the bow on her head is actually meant to be a bow tie but jasper declared that “bowties are for male cats, mama, and since i am a girl cat then i’ll wear it on my head like that girl mouse with the polka dots and big ears.”  and so she did.

2)  she was being a “very serious kitty” whilel i was taking pictures and she wasn’t breaking character for nothing.

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yes, yes, we get it, Aggressive Kitty… you are awesome…  and sparkly.

good call, dad and barbara!  the tail, the bow and the ears have joined jaspers daily repertoire of kitty accoutrements 🙂

mad brownie points to you both!!!!