jasper might have had three state fair requests (we checked off the cotton candy and the roller coaster but the winning the big, big, big toy was a no-go – those fair games are a scam!!  buy coupons to play game but first (!) buy a game card so you can even use the coupons to play a game?  i don’t think so…  you can shove that game card where the sun doesn’t shine, mr. state fair of texas…  stupid game card.  moving on…) but jon had only one.

he wanted us to ride the ferris wheel aka The Big Star…

so we did.

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that sucker was TALL.

did you know that this ferris wheel is one of the tallest ferris wheels in the country?

i believed it once i was standing at the base and looking up.

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windy, windy, high, high.

two things that i discovered about jasper that day:  she loves roller coasters and she isn’t afraid of heights whatsoever.

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hello, you two!

one thing i discovered about myself that day:  heights make me nervous when jasper is involved.  i mean, what if a giant eagle swooped down and grabbed her while she was waving all excitedly down at the tiny ant people far down below on the ground?  what?  it could happen.  have you read tolkien?

so anyway, after a little teasing from jon and jasper and a little loosening of my death grip on jasper, i relaxed and enjoyed myself…  although i kept an eye out of giant eagles.