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a hike out…

what’s the first day of camping without an official First Hike Out?

after hanging out at the camp for a bit and getting it “just perfect”, we went out to explore the surrounding hillsides.

jon was planning on doing some hunting (squirrel and hog)  so we were hiking and getting the lay of the land at the same time…  it was a bit warm but not too bad.  i did forget sunscreen for everyone though…  again.

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and we are off!

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let me tell you something:  i don’t know if this is a Jasper Thing or a Kid Thing but we don’t go anywhere without jaz (and myself) ending up with pockets and hands full of Stuff…  rocks, flowers, nuts, you name it; if she thinks its neat, cool or pretty, she wants to cart it home with us.

most of the time, i am pretty good about limiting her to how much she can bring home with her but this time, i don’t know…  it was hard…  i mean, they were really cool flint rocks!

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by the time we were heading back down the mountain, my hands were full, pawpaw’s hands were full, jaspers hands were full and jons?  you guessed it – full!

pretty flowers and flint turn out to be hard to say no to…  especially when she is willing to haul the rocks herself!

and yes, she is totally wearing a set of kitty ears.  really, are you surprised?

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how do you know a campsite has a 6 year old girl in residence?  flowers in water bottles are everywhere!

hey, they brighten up the place if you ask me 🙂

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not just flowers everywhere but piles of rocks as well…  and again, i kind of love it.

after all, if i am honest with myself?  if she hadn’t collected and gathered the rocks?  i probably would have…


mountain home, here we are!

dad was in mountain home (down in hill country past fredericksburg) to visit family friends…  we love to camp down there and it was an opportunity to see dad again, introduce our jasper to her uncle joe and aunt connie and get our camp on!

it’s so pretty down there – i love camping out there and wish we did it more often (bit of a drive for a weekend lark, is the problem)…

jon and i stayed up way too late on friday packing and loading, woke up way too early on saturday to drive down there and yep, it was totally worth it!

i knew it would be…

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we camped out by the creek under scrub oaks – it ended up being a particularly good site once the storm hit that night…

the low trees protected us from the worst of the rain…

(although i still had to construct a towel dam to prevent my sleeping bag from getting wet!

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it didn’t take long for jasper and pawpaw to find something to do while jon and i set up camp!

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she rode the branch while pawpaw pushed it up and down!

there was lots of “yee-haw“ing and rodeo moves, i assure you.

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campsite is set up, fire ring is done; now it’s hang out time…

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a pile of blankets and sleeping bags and pillows?  made for a girl playing kitty!

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the kitty is getting territorial…  or so i was told.

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luckily, pawpaw was always willing to toss the girl up in the air and make that branch move!

i’m sure he got tired of doing it but he did it every time jasper asked…

(thanks, dad!)

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there we are:  our little temporary home away from home.  it’s always interesting to me to see how quickly our campsites become Our Campsite.

water, fire, trees, stars, family, toilet paper and marshmallows – i’d say we covered all the bases 🙂

another birthday!

dad came into to visit us a couple of weekends ago and he brought jasper lilith her birthday present…  of course, she loved getting another present and it was extra special because it was a surprise 🙂

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they were a beautiful set of peridot (her birth stone) and gold studs – a little too nice to wear right now but it won’t be long before she is old enough to wear them…  in fact, it will not be long enough if you ask me; the girl grows so quickly…

we were all more excited about the pretty studs than she was (kids don’t always get the When You Get Older Present) but she was appreciative and took great joy in placing them ever so carefully in her jewelry box 🙂

thanks, pawpaw and mimi!!!

(ps.  if you ever see me wearing them, don’t worry…  i asked her first…  just sayin’…)