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happy thanksgiving, all!

every year, we do the turkey trot – maybe in dallas, maybe in tyler but without fail, we do the turkey trot.

i love it, love it, love it.

and this year was no different except that jon ran while mom and i walked and jasper, well…  jasper pulled at the invisible leash until jon ran back to meet up with us…  at that point, she and he took off!

mom and i did not take off.  in fact, we walked slower…  but talked faster 🙂

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what?  is the sun in ya’ll’s eyes?

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three generations, yo.

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after we stood there a couple of minutes and took pictures, jon reminded us that we hadn’t even crossed the finish line yet!  he and jaz had met up with us right before the line and we thought we had already crossed it!

that’s what we get for talking 🙂

so we figured we would make it Official and finish…  jaz herded us in the right direction…  or maybe she just wanted me to peel that orange of hers?

either way, happy pumpkin pie day to you all!

a thanksgiving feast… lunch room style…

jasper’s school had their Thanksgiving Feast that day – it was like thanksgiving dinner but cafeteria style…  and uh, cafeteria flavor as well…  not pretty, not filling but worth it!

lunch with the jasper is always worth it…  plus i got a vividly orange-dyed pumpkin cookie out of the deal.

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here she comes!

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oh, nice picture of jasper, jon!

i only had two to choose from and well, the other one was even more…  chewy.

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after the thankgiving lunch, they head to the playground and jon and i follow to enjoy the sun and chit chat.

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three girls!  (that’s a lot of pink and purple between the 3 of them, right?)

and yes, if there was any doubt:  she dresses herself.  every morning.  those outfits of hers?  all her 🙂

and although sometimes i wince and sometimes i groan a little (silently, i assure you), i kind of love what she puts together for herself…  more power to you, honey bunches of oats!

just because…

because, if you ask me, everybody needs to play cowgirl sometimes…

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i suspect it’s good for the soul.

christmas crafts? already?

neena was in for the weekend and what did she bring?  a big ol’ box of crafts!

and i have it on good authority that they crafted it up all day!

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mom sent me this photo of The Industrious One…

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and then she sent me this one…

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and lastly, she sent me this one and it kind of made my day!

halloween costumes aren’t just for halloween!  (but y’all already knew that…)

happy craft day!

(what?  that’s a real holiday!  probably.)

rise and shine club…

first yourself and your 6 year old up pretty early on a friday  morning…

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then you make sure that she has a little something in her belly…

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then you let her run…

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and run and run…  then walk some…  then run some more…

until track club is over and she changes into her school clothes and goes off into the wide world of 1st grade!

and that’s how you do track club.

(hint:  when it hits 30-something degrees in the morning, buy adorable (and super bright)  cool weather running clothes for the girl…  she will love them and think you are “the best!”)

and now repeat every friday morning.

(ps.  the track club is surprisingly popular, tons of kids out there running around despite the early hours!  i think that’s pretty freaking cool.)

pumpkin pie time!!!

yup, it’s that time of the year!  Pumpkin Pie Time!

this is when jon starts buying pie pumpkins and making crazy good pies.

it’s a good time of the year – the house always smells warm and yummy and there is always a pie out on the counter…

it is also a hard time of the year – jon’s pie is not easy to resist! and his crust? oh man, forget about it.

he should just go win a country fair pie prize already…

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one of his first batches this season – in honor of halloween (which is when he made this one), he had the top crust in the shape of a skull & crossbones with a bow.


(and ridiculously good.)

trick or treat!

once we get all situated and the mayhem lessens, it’s time to go!

we do our normal thing:  heather, the kiddos and i head out to get candy trick or treat while the guys stay home to drink beer hand out candy.

it was perfect weather – not too warm but not too chilly – always nice when halloween weather does what it is supposed to do 🙂

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and their they go!

both of them getting taller and taller…

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remember when they used to do this hand in hand?  and they were both so small

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hello, black kitty.  i love you, i love you, i love you.  (it’s better when you say something 3 times…  it just is.)

happy halloween everyone!  may your cauldrons be filled with your favorite type of candy!

the black kitty and the zombie…

dinner first and then trick or treating!

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so why not eat dinner with a black cauldron on your head?

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once the ambrose family got to the house (with their zombie boy in tow), it was mayhem!

the good kind.

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a vampire kitty!

or not…

hello, jack!

hello, all!  jack o’lantern time!!!

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jon has the cool one, jaspy has the kitty one and i have the basic one (it was done at midnight after sewing jasper’s kitty costume so my goal was to be done more than to be awesome (like jon’s pumpkin is)!

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right before we went trick or treating, jasper decided she wanted a picture of herself with the carved pumpkins…  and then she decided to drum on them!

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off we are about to go!  fill the buckets, watch the kiddos scamper in front of us and enjoy the night!

here’s hoping the guys will have the candy bowl emptied (by trick or treaters; not by them) when we get home 🙂

halloween parade!

well, ok…  it’s not called a halloween parade, it’s called their “costume parade” but we all know what they mean.

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our little black kitty poking her head out from the back 🙂