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christmas crafts? already?

neena was in for the weekend and what did she bring?  a big ol’ box of crafts!

and i have it on good authority that they crafted it up all day!

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mom sent me this photo of The Industrious One…

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and then she sent me this one…

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and lastly, she sent me this one and it kind of made my day!

halloween costumes aren’t just for halloween!  (but y’all already knew that…)

happy craft day!

(what?  that’s a real holiday!  probably.)


rise and shine club…

first yourself and your 6 year old up pretty early on a friday  morning…

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then you make sure that she has a little something in her belly…

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then you let her run…

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and run and run…  then walk some…  then run some more…

until track club is over and she changes into her school clothes and goes off into the wide world of 1st grade!

and that’s how you do track club.

(hint:  when it hits 30-something degrees in the morning, buy adorable (and super bright)  cool weather running clothes for the girl…  she will love them and think you are “the best!”)

and now repeat every friday morning.

(ps.  the track club is surprisingly popular, tons of kids out there running around despite the early hours!  i think that’s pretty freaking cool.)