jasper’s school had their Thanksgiving Feast that day – it was like thanksgiving dinner but cafeteria style…  and uh, cafeteria flavor as well…  not pretty, not filling but worth it!

lunch with the jasper is always worth it…  plus i got a vividly orange-dyed pumpkin cookie out of the deal.

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here she comes!

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oh, nice picture of jasper, jon!

i only had two to choose from and well, the other one was even more…  chewy.

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after the thankgiving lunch, they head to the playground and jon and i follow to enjoy the sun and chit chat.

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three girls!  (that’s a lot of pink and purple between the 3 of them, right?)

and yes, if there was any doubt:  she dresses herself.  every morning.  those outfits of hers?  all her 🙂

and although sometimes i wince and sometimes i groan a little (silently, i assure you), i kind of love what she puts together for herself…  more power to you, honey bunches of oats!