every year, we do the turkey trot – maybe in dallas, maybe in tyler but without fail, we do the turkey trot.

i love it, love it, love it.

and this year was no different except that jon ran while mom and i walked and jasper, well…  jasper pulled at the invisible leash until jon ran back to meet up with us…  at that point, she and he took off!

mom and i did not take off.  in fact, we walked slower…  but talked faster 🙂

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what?  is the sun in ya’ll’s eyes?

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three generations, yo.

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after we stood there a couple of minutes and took pictures, jon reminded us that we hadn’t even crossed the finish line yet!  he and jaz had met up with us right before the line and we thought we had already crossed it!

that’s what we get for talking 🙂

so we figured we would make it Official and finish…  jaz herded us in the right direction…  or maybe she just wanted me to peel that orange of hers?

either way, happy pumpkin pie day to you all!