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the white rock marathon…

jon has some Issues running but he finished and he finished while running…

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we saw him come around the corner and had our sign up and our cowbells going and yeah, there was totally shouting…

i almost got teary-eyed as i watched him run by!

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and then we met him coming out of the finish corral…  and a paramedic was nice enough to let us through the blockade so we could walk with him.

thanks, nameless dude!

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congratulations, baby!

it wasn’t the finish you wanted but you finished when most people would have called their peeps to come and get them.

we are ready!

what do you do when your hubby/daddy is running a full marathon?

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you make him a sign!  in fact, i’m pretty sure it’s a Rule.



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and what do you do when you are waiting by the finish line?

you drink cocoa, take pictures and…

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the little one plays on her phone and listens to music on her earbuds.

hello, technology!

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i am sure you understand how tempted i was to add a “.com” to this sign.

for obvious reasons.

here, kitty, kitty!

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when it’s finally cold enough to need a hat and/or a scarf, the kitty hat/scarf/mitten comes in pretty handy!

and if you are inside, completely warm and just hanging out?  it’s ok to wear it then too 🙂