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the black kitty and the zombie…

dinner first and then trick or treating!

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so why not eat dinner with a black cauldron on your head?

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once the ambrose family got to the house (with their zombie boy in tow), it was mayhem!

the good kind.

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a vampire kitty!

or not…

another birthday!

dad came into to visit us a couple of weekends ago and he brought jasper lilith her birthday present…  of course, she loved getting another present and it was extra special because it was a surprise 🙂

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they were a beautiful set of peridot (her birth stone) and gold studs – a little too nice to wear right now but it won’t be long before she is old enough to wear them…  in fact, it will not be long enough if you ask me; the girl grows so quickly…

we were all more excited about the pretty studs than she was (kids don’t always get the When You Get Older Present) but she was appreciative and took great joy in placing them ever so carefully in her jewelry box 🙂

thanks, pawpaw and mimi!!!

(ps.  if you ever see me wearing them, don’t worry…  i asked her first…  just sayin’…)

and then off to gram and pop’s!

not too much longer after we got jasper back, it was time to head to natchitoches…  well, two of the three of us headed off anyway.

jon and jasper went down to natchitoches to take care of some things and i stayed at home to finish the work week out.

i was actually dreading that house of ours being so empty – no jasper?  no jon?  what to do with all that empty time?

well, turns out?  plenty of things to fill the empty time and i loved every minute of it.

(yeah, i missed ’em but did you know when you are the only one in the house and you put a book down that it will stay there until you move it?  like it will still be there after you come home from work!  or when you clean the floor it stays clean for hours?  hours.  i had forgotten about that.)

jon had tons of stuff to do while in natchitoches but he made sure that jasper had a play date with the daughter of a good friend of ours  and got her “energy out” at the playground.

jasper always had plenty to talk about when we talked each evening – all those stories!

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jasper hitches a ride on the mower!

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arnetta titled this picture Left-Handed Homework 🙂

because even in the summer, kids have homework now!

they eventually came back home and i drove my co-worker crazy all day ‘cuz i was that excited about them getting home that day.

because it turns out that while that book might still be there and the floor might stay clean;  well, it’s just not nearly as much fun without the two of them.

oh, crawfish…

how we love to eat you!

what’s the first thing you do when you visit louisiana this time of the year?

you eat crawfish, that’s what!

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hello, all!

(yeah, the crawfish was good!)

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deborah came to eat crawfish with us and if you don’t know by now, jaz loves her deborah!

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man, oh, man…  looking at this picture?  totally makes me want some more crawfish.

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what kind of face is that?

if it were me, it would be a The Crawfish Is Almost Gone Face but since jaz only likes crawfish “a little bit” then who knows?

but it makes me smile; her little face.

spring break or bust!

oh, i have been so bad…  there is never enough time…

where does the time go?  where does it hide?  i swear it hides – peeks it timely little head out, teases me and then jerks the time rug right out from under my feet…  no time!!

all right, i think i covered it – no time…  blah, blah – universal problem and all that…

with time slipping right out of my fingers, i’ve decided to make more time (i’ll sell you the formula for 1.5 million) for the blog!  i will try to be more consistent but since i just can’t make time go all willy-nilly, i am also going to shorten all my words.

consistent posting of pictures, clearly defined explanations, less words.


let’s move on to the good stuff!

spring break at neena’s!!

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jasper has gone “street”?  and yet she is still cute and sassy!

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what an outfit!

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stump fishin’!

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a tea party hosted by jasper herself and yes, those are totally girl scout cookies.

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the piece de resistance – horse back riding!  jasper was super stoked this spring break because she finally graduated to riding serena all by herself!

she loved it but she told me later that:  “mom, i love serena but she’s a followin’ horse and i need a leadin’ horse!”

that’s my girl.

all the photos here are courtesy of neena herself since jon and i weren’t there…  we missed jasper horribly, enjoyed ourselves royally and appreciated the heck out of how mom kept us updated with jasper videos, jasper photos and jasper good night calls!

and then we got our little one back, our universe was instantly fuller and busier and we settled back into the groove of life…

thanks neena for a wonderful spring break!!!


jon and the jaspernator went down to natchitoches this weekend and despite the fact that she was recovering from an earache (first earache ever for jaz and she made this one count!  let’s talk about something else that doesn’t remind me of a screaming girl and a sleepless night), they had a good visit!

can i do run-on sentences or what?

they left friday night and as i watched them drive away, i experienced the typical motherly response of 70% wishing they had stayed and 40% relishing the fact that i was about to have my house to myself… it didn’t take long before it morphed into a clean 50/50 split – made easier by the fact that jon kept me updated on jaspy’s ear ache and she was clearly having a good time with her gram and pop!

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look at the smile on pop’s face…  i think he’s smiling on the inside though.

jasper lucked out and got some cousin time as well – mark, ila and jackson were down for a visit too and jaz can’t get enough of cousins!  any cousins!  all cousins!  she just likes the cousins…  good thing she has plenty, huh?
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mark walks jasper through a book?  i think.  he looks very professerly here, doesn’t he?

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jackson, jasper lilith and ila make pretty for the camera…  well, the two girls do anyway 🙂

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jasper has fond memories of the tiger book – it’s been a natchitoches staple since gram got it for her when she was not even a “talking toddler” as jasper likes to say.

happy cousin day!

at neena’s, we get to…

do all kinds of stuff!  like mad-cap science experiments, feed goats, you know, all that kind of good stuff!

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mom got jasper lilith a science experiment kit for christmas and it.  is.  awesome!

jasper goes, “i’ve waited a thousand years for this!”

(of course, she also said that very same thing about the twizzler i gave her just a couple of days ago…  but it was a pretty good twizzler so…)

she was so stoked and mom sent me pictures of the two of them playing Mad Scientist the whole time she was visiting!  go, neena!!!

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and when they weren’t playing Mad Scientist, mom took jasper to feed some goats!

ah, see the cowgirl boots in action?  i told mom to not let the pinkness and butterflyness of the boots fool her – those bad boys are meant for Real Horse Action.  manure and all!

and so they saw Real Action.  and jasper was happy!

thanks, mom and richard, for taking such good care of our girl!  she had neena stories for days after she came back and i loved them all 🙂

the castle, the girl, the dog and the man.

david, heather and duncan gave jasper lilith a tent castle for christmas and it was perfect timing, let me tell you! 

she has been “camping in africa” for a while now and frankly, am i a bad mother to get tired of blanket tents all over the house (fine, just in her room but still)?  never mind, don’t answer that….

so when jasper opened this present and squealed, “now i have a real tent and it’s shaped like a castle!  and pink with purple!”, it’s possible that i was as thrilled as she was!  without all the squealing.  well, there was internal squealing…  besides, look how cute this thing is!

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hello, intrepid camper! or was this a “princess day”…  cute, no matter what!

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ah, mocker.  poor mocker. 

yeah, this doggie has seen the inside of this tent way more times than she ever wanted to.  i am pretty sure that jasper is convinced mocker loves to be in there. 

i, however, see the desperate escape attempt that is happening in this picture…  it’s in mocker’s eyes.  well, her entire body really.

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and what’s this?  a leg and some hands?  another Gulliver’s Travels moment in the making!

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i can’t tell…  does this look remind you of mocker?  has jon been cajoled into the pink & purple castle against his wishes?   is there about to be another escape attempt?

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oh!  nope, only if you count jasper trying to get away from The Tickle Monster that just exploded out of her castle!

note:  there was very little attempt to escape.

a christmas family.

look what i found!  a picture of us all!  oh, this is rare – i mean, it only happens once a year…  at christmas.  naturally.

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merry christmas to you all out there in Too Far Away Land!

and now on to the new year!

a little bit of extra christmas.

I did warn you there would be more pictures of our christmas chaos!  louis played santa and handed gifts out while jon took pictures and susan and i did the mom thing – you know, “helped” our kids unwrap the tricky presents and ooooh & aaahed right along with them…    Image Hosted by
Wrapping paper everywhere!  Susan and I are busy doing…  stuff…  important stuff, i’m sure.Image Hosted by
hi, babe!  here is jon (and jasper’s head) inside the cardboard coloring house.  this would be before the two girls stuffed it full of dolls, doll beds, stuffed animals and the kind of things little girls just have to have inside their play houses!Image Hosted by
hello to you both!  gram and pop share a moment that someone (jon?  louis?) was quick enough to capture on camera.  merry christmas, you two!
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another mom moment!  uncle fair and aunt vicky gave jasper a build-a-bear that you stuff and sew yourself -super cute, no?  and, of course, jasper had to have to stuffed and sewn immediately.  no time to waste!

so i get busy doing another mom thing and my two supervisors/helpers watch over me to make sure that i follow directions and get it done properly.