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the castle, the girl, the dog and the man.

david, heather and duncan gave jasper lilith a tent castle for christmas and it was perfect timing, let me tell you! 

she has been “camping in africa” for a while now and frankly, am i a bad mother to get tired of blanket tents all over the house (fine, just in her room but still)?  never mind, don’t answer that….

so when jasper opened this present and squealed, “now i have a real tent and it’s shaped like a castle!  and pink with purple!”, it’s possible that i was as thrilled as she was!  without all the squealing.  well, there was internal squealing…  besides, look how cute this thing is!

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hello, intrepid camper! or was this a “princess day”…  cute, no matter what!

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ah, mocker.  poor mocker. 

yeah, this doggie has seen the inside of this tent way more times than she ever wanted to.  i am pretty sure that jasper is convinced mocker loves to be in there. 

i, however, see the desperate escape attempt that is happening in this picture…  it’s in mocker’s eyes.  well, her entire body really.

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and what’s this?  a leg and some hands?  another Gulliver’s Travels moment in the making!

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i can’t tell…  does this look remind you of mocker?  has jon been cajoled into the pink & purple castle against his wishes?   is there about to be another escape attempt?

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oh!  nope, only if you count jasper trying to get away from The Tickle Monster that just exploded out of her castle!

note:  there was very little attempt to escape.


a christmas family.

look what i found!  a picture of us all!  oh, this is rare – i mean, it only happens once a year…  at christmas.  naturally.

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merry christmas to you all out there in Too Far Away Land!

and now on to the new year!

a little bit of extra christmas.

I did warn you there would be more pictures of our christmas chaos!  louis played santa and handed gifts out while jon took pictures and susan and i did the mom thing – you know, “helped” our kids unwrap the tricky presents and ooooh & aaahed right along with them…    Image Hosted by
Wrapping paper everywhere!  Susan and I are busy doing…  stuff…  important stuff, i’m sure.Image Hosted by
hi, babe!  here is jon (and jasper’s head) inside the cardboard coloring house.  this would be before the two girls stuffed it full of dolls, doll beds, stuffed animals and the kind of things little girls just have to have inside their play houses!Image Hosted by
hello to you both!  gram and pop share a moment that someone (jon?  louis?) was quick enough to capture on camera.  merry christmas, you two!
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another mom moment!  uncle fair and aunt vicky gave jasper a build-a-bear that you stuff and sew yourself -super cute, no?  and, of course, jasper had to have to stuffed and sewn immediately.  no time to waste!

so i get busy doing another mom thing and my two supervisors/helpers watch over me to make sure that i follow directions and get it done properly.

finally. part two.

i am usually the picture-taker during all the unwrapping but this time around, jon was The Camera Dude!

so we have pictures from a slightly different perspective this year – the daddy perspective!

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jasper found a pair of sparkly clip-on earrings in her stocking!  she is modeling them.  she chose to go with A Serious Face, i see.

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and the gold hat!  oh, my, this hat!  this is a gram gift that has since made many trips to the grocery store, my shop and more.  she loves this hat…  loves it.

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if there was any doubt (uh, nope!) that this girl was an extrovert, well, i believe the love of this hat puts that to rest.  she loves the attention she gets when she wears this golden cap and she loves the sparkle!

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ah, more dollhouse pictures!  the camera must have changed hands, hello, jon!  hello, jasper!

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and cowboy boots!  jasper lilith outgrew her 2nd pair of cowboy, sorry, cowgirl, boots so it was time for a new pair.  thanks, gram!  can you tell she was excited!  she had been talking about new boots and wanted to make sure that “santa” knew she needed another pair…  in pink…  with butterflies. 

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and what else do cowgirls need?  pink bb guns!

oh yes, you read that right.  jasper is now in possession of a pink bb gun from her pop.  she and jon are more excited then i am…  me?  yeah, i keep wanting to quote The Christmas Story and holler, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” but that’s the mom in me. 

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jasper lilith and her Daisy!

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jon walks jasper through some basic safety factors while all she wants to do is put her pink cowgirl boots and hold her pink gun 🙂

while i took pictures and bite my tongue…  reminded myself that i was shooting at her age already and all that stuff that moms have to do to even let their kids out of the house. 

we had a blazingly fast christmas – it went by in a blur but what i do remember?  the good stuff, that’s what…  i remember the good stuff.

more christmas pictures to follow…  what, you thought i was done?  oh, no…  no, no.

finally. part one.

after everyone had their sustenance, we moved ourselves closer to the christmas tree and into our spots. 

and then?  the stockings first!

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treasure!  in a sock!

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a baby blue tinkerbell watch!  thanks, pawpaw and mimi!

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and another pawpaw and mimi hit:  the leopard hat/scarf/mitten combination!

ghillie loved it too!  man, i hope jasper isn’t actually letting that dog kiss her.

not thinking about it.  not thinking about it.

(thinking about it a little.)

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this gift was a big hit with everyone!

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including me 🙂

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jasper lilith has been talking about a dollhouse since before her 4th birthday and jon finally deemed her old enough to have one.  not just any one, of course, the cool and complicated kind that you have to put together!

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jon read my mind (or my wishlist) and got UGGs for me!  yay jon!  yay warm and fuzzy feet!

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aunt susan made stick horses for all the kiddos – jasper is giving hers a little bit of loving here!  she named it “Pinkaliciously Pink”…  of course.  or at least, that is what she is calling the stick horse now. 

on to more wrapping paper being thrown in the air!

early christmas morning torture…

and it’s finally here!  christmas morning! 

jasper was so excited to wear her christmas morning pajamas!  i think her annual xmas pjs are The Indicator to her that it’s going to finally be xmas morning.  “do i get to wear my polar bear pjs now?  that means we can open presents, right?”

right, kiddo.  that’s what that means!  after coffee…  and breakfast. 

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the kids are used to this kind of torture.  we’ve never been that family – you know, the 7 am Family?  nope, they have grown up with having to wait until breakfast is made, coffee is obtained and we are all awake, semi-put together and ready for the free-for-all.

and it’s fun.  really, i’m not just saying that!  they don’t know any different since we have always done late morning present unwrapping and they get a kick out of all the newly put-out presents they haven’t seen yet and the freshly stuffed stockings!  they get all amped up and rarin’ to go – it’s fun, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

it’s delayed gratification in the best possible way! 

also it helps to have things for the kids to do while they wait for us to make breakfast 🙂

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jasper and juliet amuse themselves while they wait.  yep, that’s my apple-lovin’ girl!

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arnetta got all the grandkids a present they could share – it’s a big playhouse made out of cardboard that is ready to be drawn all over!  isn’t it awesome!

i will tell you right now; that particular gram gift was The Hit of christmas morning.  the kiddos played in and out of this little house the rest of the time we were there.  they went crazy with markers and crayons and got a kick out of being able to color on the walls as well as pile the inside of the house up with dolls and such.

good gift, gram! 

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the cousins making a mess and having a good time!

don’t worry, sugar pies!  your time is coming; i’m pretty sure i just heard the coffee finish brewing.

we made it (all of us)!

whew!  we finally arrived!  we came in a storm of grandkids!

jon, jasper and i got there weds. night and it wasn’t long before louis & co. came in from virginia – the quiet house was not so quiet anymore!

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i found a jasper kiss!!!

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jasper found some kitten ears!

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and now it’s jons turn for a jasper kiss!

really, just can’t get enough of those…

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once louis and susan get in, jasper has some playmates.  she was stoked and all geared up for playing with her cousin juliet.

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nothing like a hug between dog and girl.  well, maybe more like a mocker-squeeze than a hug?
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jasper and juliet playing a game.  i don’t remember what is is but it involved leashes and a stuffed alligator – there was alligator wrangling, i’m sure.  I feel sorry for the alligator.

but not sorry enough.  at least it wasn’t mocker-wrangling!

(that came later.)