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getting ready for the day…

i was on the computer drinking my coffee when jon frantically (ok, not so frantically but it sounds better that way, doesn’t it?) waved me over to peer around the corner into jasper’s room…  she had pulled a little stool up to her kitchen and was pretending that it was her “vanity” – which she was at because she was putting makeup on to go running with the girls tonight…

for the record, i do not put makeup on to go running (ugh!) – but the rest sounds about right 🙂

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and then for the super duper cute part, she starts talking on her phone while sitting at the vanity and it was like looking into a futuristic time machine – i got a glimpse of jasper the teenager!

here is a little taste:

(by the way, in the pretend phone conversation,  she has just been pretend invited to a pretend birthday party and she is talking about going to eat pretend cake and so on and so forth)…

i was lucky enough to be pretend invited as well 🙂

where do kittens come from?

oh, you had better believe she knows where kittens come from but she sure thinks that amber and neena keep her supplied on purpose!

her kitten supply line is about to dry up and mom, she is going to be sad!!

we went to visit mom for a quickie before everybody starts school and we spent most of the time either playing with her kittens or at mom’s school helping out..

it was a nice visit but way too busy and over too quick!

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but look, don’t kittens and kids just belong together??!!

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i think jasper agrees with me 🙂

jon doesn’t agree which is why our house is empty of kittens but jaspy and i are in agreement and wait, don’t we have the majority??

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the kittens look like they are starting to get a bit restless, don’t they?

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she finally sets one free but only to jump up and chase after another one 🙂

good hunting, jasper lilith!

“my outside paints!”

jasper lilith loves her finger painting!

but she doesn’t call it finger painting – nope, it’s “outside paints” because that is the only place that i will let her go wild with her finger paints…

(does this surprise anyone?  i didn’t think so.)

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she doesn’t just finger paint, she arm paints!

which is just fine when it is on the porch 🙂

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also,  she has to wear her “outside painting glasses” whenever she paints!

she won’t paint without them – she says they help her see where the paint needs to go 🙂

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it’s like she is wondering how she got paint all over her hands 🙂

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and then she chased me around the porch trying to give me “a blue hug”!!

“you need a blue hug, mama!”

yeah, i don’t think so, miss painterly!

(look how she lines her paint tubes up – so me right there…)

sweetness falls from the sky…

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i don’t know about you guys but i will NEVER get tired of capturing moments like this 🙂

i should start a jon and jasper wall that visually walks a person down memory lane – starting from her birth and on until she is a grown woman with babies of her own (if she decides to have babies of her own, that is)…

that sounds like a pretty good wall to me 🙂